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Mention waders and anglers throughout Australia immediately think of Horne waders. The range and quality of wet weather protective clothing made by Horne’s is without question the best available. I recently had the pleasure of a personal guided tour of the A. S. Horne Consolidated Pty Ltd factory located at Wingfield South Australia. Chief Executive Officer John Neate and his daughter Penny are extremely proud and passionate of this Australian owned and operated business. It was an absolute pleasure to be shown through the factory and have a close look at these locally made quality products.
Alexander Stainthorpe Horne established a manufacturing plant way back in April 1934 and would you believe ladies fashion gloves, farmer’s PVC boots and plastic boots for sheep were significant products made by Horne’s in those early days. Protective clothing and waders were not manufactured until the early 1970’s and in no time accounted for 80 per cent of the national market. Horne’s reputation as a manufacturing leader in waders and wet weather clothing is based on the quality of the products and materials used. Some of these are made from scratch within the factory. Resiting temptation to compete with cheaper imported brands coming from overseas has guaranteed Horne’s waders, boots and other protective clothing are the best money can buy.
Horne waders come in a variety of styles being full length, waist length, thigh boot and armpit. You also have a range of boots to choose from to suit varying fishing needs. Blundstone boots are great when fishing areas where sharp objects such as razor fish can be encountered with the strong thick soles offering great protection. Cleated soles are ideal for rocky areas giving extra grip while pimple soles are perfect for sand conditions and these are available in an extra thick boot. A steel toe Blundstone boot is also available.
As for colours, olive green is the most popular but black, blue, yellow and orange are all available. With ever increasing female anglers, John is looking at introducing pink waders in the near future.
Correct fitting is vital and waders not only need to be comfortable but also correct fitting is mandatory from a safety perspective. Standard sizes of waders are available from a junior small right through to an adult XOS. Choosing a pair of waders straight from the shelf may not suit all anglers. Custom made waders is another service that Horne’s offer. For a small extra fee, waders can be made to order to fit the angler perfectly. Being tall and slim myself, I have found waders to be a bit bulky and have felt uncomfortable wearing them at times. I chose this custom fit option myself. Firstly, you need to decide what type of boot best suits your fishing needs. I fish a lot of shallow water chasing flathead and regularly come across razor fish so my choice of boot was easy, the Blundstone boot. Next you need to try on boots for correct fitting. Wearing socks with waders is a common practice and certainly adds some comfort with Explorer style socks being ideal. Boots should not be tight and should not be too loose as to come off when walking through mud or soft sand. When fitted correctly, boots should be able to be shaken off with a bit of foot shaking. Now you have your boots sorted, the style of waders is next. Full length is the most popular offering great weather protection, however I chose waist length. The reason for this was I particularly wanted a pair of wader’s for shallow water fishing and also to wear when launching and retrieving my boat; waist length waders suited these applications perfectly. Having chosen the style next comes the tailor measuring and in my case, I was able to go a smaller medium waist size but had an extra 40mm put into the overall length. Colour choice was easy, with pink being unavailable, I went the olive green. After a couple of days, the end result was possession of a perfect fit custom pair of waders. If you are not satisfied with waders straight from the shelf, have a talk with your stockist and discuss the option of custom fit. The small extra charge and couple of days wait is well worth while in the long term.
Horne waders are stitched and then the seams are welded making them very strong and waterproof. All Horne waders are double tested for any leaks before leaving the factory, first a pressure test then a light test where light is placed inside the waders. These tests detect any leaks or gaps in the seams which are then rectified immediately if necessary.
When wearing waders, keep your wader properly braced up so there is no undue slackness around the knees. If there is, excessive wear can be caused when walking as the two opposite inside leg areas will chafe together. Besides being uncomfortable, this could eventually cause even the toughest material to wear at the seams. The bracing up is particularly important with chest waders as the crotch area of the waders should reach the crotch area of the wearer. If this is not the case, then considerable strain can be put on the crotch seams when climbing over gates or up steep banks which could in extreme circumstances cause parting or tearing of the seams. The toughest of waders can be pierced by a sharp object such as a fence nail, thorn, barbed wire or a sharp hook. If you are unfortunate enough to put a small hole or tear in your waders, Stormsure adhesive fixes rips, tears and leaks permanently. A small 15gm tube may be worth purchasing just in case.
After use, waders should be cleaned with fresh water and then hung upside down to dry, not left folded up. Do not leave waders in direct sunlight for long periods of time. With proper care your waders should give you many years of satisfactory service.
An ideal complement to your new waders is a light waterproof jacket. AS Horne Consolidated are the distributors for Seals wet weather clothing. Seal-Flex garments are constructed from the finest grade European fabric. The fabric is approximately half the weight of traditional rainwear fabrics and is able to stretch up to 150% and reform to its original shape without damage. Seal-Flex fabric consists of a PU membrane fused with a hollow polyamide lining. The PU membrane is 100% waterproof, the polyamide lining wicks the moisture away from the body, allowing vapour to disperse. Seal-Flex garments have a shell style 100% waterproof cover with high-frequency welded waterproof seams. The garments are resistant to puncture and will not tear.
The Seal-Flex Parka has an internal waterproof pocket, adjustable waterproof cuffs, internal collar arrangement, 2 way YKK zipper, double flap zipper cover, two external pockets and a fully adjustable peaked storm protection hood.
When fishing from the shore, boat or jetty, this parka can be worn with matching over trousers for complete wet weather protection. The over trousers are extremely comfortable, have elastic and draw string waist, two side entry pockets, domed hem adjustment, offer maximum flex and ease of movement while keeping you dry and warm and a guaranteed non split crotch.
A lot of recreational anglers go into hibernation during the winter, yet this can be one of the better and more productive times of the year to fish. Dressing appropriately can guard one from the elements, keeping you warm and dry. Horne waders are perfect for fishing in a whole array of situations. Wet weather parkas and over trousers are great for the likes of jetty fishing and worn with a pair of rubber boots make for a dry, warm fishing experience. While talking to John, he mentioned several celebrities who have purchased Horne waders including several high profile AFL footballers and former Prime Ministers. For more information about Horne waders and wet weather fishing apparel.
Gary Flack

Welcome to AS Horne

A.S. Horne was established in Prospect South Australia in 1934. 
Our goals were and still are to supply the Australian public with high quality protective clothing to suit the task required. 
AS Horne manufacture and distribute wet weather clothing protective boots and clothing and of course our famous Tuffwear Waders. 
We take pride in the fact that we produce products to do the job whether it's waders for recreational fishing or waders for oyster farmers or steaming cleaning operations etc. 
With 75 years of experience and proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated AS Horne offer quality products at affordable pricing.