About Us

A.S Horne commenced it’s operation as a glove manufacturer at 98 Prospect Road in April 1934 with it’s administration offices across the road at 81 Prospect Road ( picture available). The company quickly became famous for their MYJOY fashion gloves, PVC Boots and Plastic Boots for sheep ( picture available ).
The factory in it’s early stages employed over 300 people with Alexander Stainthorpe Horne running the company as founder and Managing Director from 1934-1968.
During the 1970’s A.S.Horne commenced manufacturing protective clothing and Waders. And along with it’s PVC “ non-stick boots “ became the market leader. Within 5 years A.S.Horne had over 80% of the Australian Wader market a percentage it still enjoys today.
A.S.Horne manufacture Bib & Brace style waders, Armpit Waders, Elastic Waist Waders and Thigh Boot Waders for many types of businesses  eg; Heavy Duty ( Special Design Waders ) for the mining industry.
Hornes Tuffwear Waders dominate the Australian market because of their quality and reliability and most of all because you can choose the type of body you require, the type of boots you require and of course if you do have an accident, A.S.Horne has a 24 hour return service.
The Company, after trading from it’s Prospect operation for almost 75 years has recently moved it’s entire operation to Moss Road Wingfield and now not only manufacturers from new modern facilities but is also the distributor of the Seals   ( wet weather clothing ), Bullseye Outdoor Clothing, Stormsure ( adhesive glue ), Petzl ( Head Lamps ) , Owner ( hooks ), Cultiva ( gloves ), Victory ( knives ), Pacific ( Rod building parts ), Angler ( Rods & Reels ), Ozflex ( Rod ) Wet Shoes and many other fishing related brands.
A.S.Horne is 100% Australian owned and operated and uses only Australian made materials to produce their Tuffwear Waders.